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Sospel Trail Map 2.0…

This may be hard to believe but it will now be weeks (not months) until the 2018 edition of our area map is here 😎.

This schematic map covers the area outlined above ⬆️ and contains 30 (yes, THIRTY) “generally descending” itineraries, covering a total of almost 25000 vertical metres of descent.

The map will be available for PDF download from our website and, critically, you will also be able to download more detailed individual navigable maps and gpx files for EACH of the 30 itineraries. All for FREE. There will also be a paper version of the area map available from early Spring. This will cost a few € in order to cover printing costs.

Want to be the first to see our creation? Send us a direct message here on Instagram to tell us your email address and we’ll email you the map as soon as it goes live. Hope to see some of you here in Sospel in 2018 🤘

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